Friday, June 19, 2009


7:08 Montreal Time

So I've made it to Montreal and now we're on our way across the Atlantic. It's pretty insane, but I'm super excited. The first part of our trip has not been without it's ups and downs. First of all my mother and I got into a bit of a row on the tail end of our last flight. Then mom and dad got into it just a little.

Everything at the airport is s incredibly expensive. Here I was thinking $25 was plenty of domestic currency to leave with me since after all we would be overseas after the first day. Clearly I was wrong about that.

I'm seated in the window seat and my poor seat mate is going to know more about my bathroom habits than anyone should about a complete stranger but I have been informed that he's not one for sleeping on planes so at least I know he'll be up. It's also really noisy since it's a large plane and I'm right behind the engine. Good seating choice mom/CAA. But at least my seat mate is cute.

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