Sunday, January 22, 2012

So much catch up

so yes I've been a bad blogger lately. There are several reasons for this, mostly it comes down to just not being in the mood to write. But I think it's time to start again .

So here we go:

Love life: Broke up with my boyfriend in November. It's sad but there were a lot of confounding factors; distance, unresolved feelings for someone else, occasionally feeling smothered by his caring. He's still a huge part of my life just not in a romantic sense. In fact he's coming to visit later this week. Yay!

Family: They're good. Went home for Christmas got to see everyone. No nieces or nephews, no engagements. I talk to my mom at least a couple times a week, she freaks out if I don't. My younger brother and I text every couple of weeks. The other two brothers I pretty much don't hear from.

Work: Work is great. Busy but great. I love my job, I love my co-workers, it pays the bills, but it's exhausting. I'm very much looking forward to this 4 day weekend I'm taking to accommodate my friend's visit.

Travel: I went to Phoenix in October, other than that it's just been to Winnipeg to see my family.  I'm hoping to go to Washington, D.C. late this spring. I'm a history geek so I love museums and for some odd reason national capitals tend to have a ton of them.

Fantasy Football: Finished 3rd in regular season. Lost my best receiver the last week of the regular season so I was screwed going into the playoffs. Lost my 2nd round matchup by 1 point. 1 measly point.

Real Football: As a Colts fan this season blew chunks. Honestly I knew Manning was good, but who knew the entire team would implode without him. On the upside Tim Tebow.

And on that Tebow note: This is fantastic. Tebow as a centaur is hilarious.

Okay that's enough for now I think.  I'll try to keep this thing much more up to date.

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