Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I think every woman at one point or another is involved with someone that they probably know they need to walk away from. It just took me a really long time to finally sever that relationship, but I managed to do it.

1 month and 8 days ago... yes I'm still keeping track. One of my co-workers tells me I need to stop but I think there are a number of significant landmarks that I need to pass before I can finally say that I will never ever speak to this person again.

1. One week - Check!
2. One month - Check!
3. Three months - April 20, 2012
4. The Month of August (because both he and I have birthdays that month and I will be tempted to wish him a happy birthday)
5. The beginning of football season
6. One year - January 20, 2013

Once I've gotten past those I can pretty much guarantee that this person will be out of my life forever. Sure I might look back on it once in a while, but not with any sort of fondness.

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