Monday, February 16, 2009

Business Ethics

I love the movie Billy Madison, my brother and I have watched it so many times that occasionally we will knock on each others doors just to quote the movie. Yes we are that dorky.
Anyone who has seen this movie knows that the other guy selects "business ethics" as his topic for the final phase of the academic decathlon.

I make this connection because I've been trying to determine if it's unethical to be sending out my resume while I'm at work. It probably is and it's not like I've seen postings that I want to apply for but then I haven't been looking real hard either.

It also reminds me of that episode of the Office where Dwight doesn't want to be a time thief. Seriously if you do not watch this show you really need to. My brother has also suggested that if I'm angry at my co-workers I might try suspending their office supplies in Jell-O (see first season). I'm very, very tempted to try this.

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