Sunday, February 15, 2009

Numbers Never Lie

As you are already very likely aware I'm not always confident about the career path that I've chosen. I often consider further education, changing jobs or perhaps just becoming a homeless person. However my aversion to change often prevents me from considering such options but when I'm in a bit of a funk, like now, I like to see what's out there.

One of the things I like to do is take personality related career quizzes to determine if I'm where I should be. About 4 years ago I took one that had to be sent away for grading, it was very long and really scary, but it told me that I was probably taking the correct course of training for the professions best suited to me. I just did a color based career quiz and it said that the place I should be is somewhere very much like the place I'm in now.

It's just a little frustrating because I'm so unhappy being where I am now. Anyway if you'd like to check out the quiz it's here .

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