Thursday, January 28, 2010

My love-hate relationship with CAA

I have CAA, not because I'm a bad driver but because I have bad luck. Some days CAA is great. Like last Friday when my battery was dead.

The driver told me that the battery was frozen because the car had sat dead too long. First of all I knew my battery was pretty much dead and I hadn't driven in a while, but who knew batteries could freeze. Anyway the guy took it out, took it to the shop charged it up and it was working fine so he re-installed it on Monday in near blizzard conditions.

Today CAA wasn't so great. I had a really flat tire. I mean really flat. Again because had left it sit too long. I knew I had a slow leak and had just been filling it up with air from my air tank but because I hadn't driven in a while it went right flat. My theory was that I would just drive to the service station up the road and pump it up but when I got there, there was no hose on the air compressor.

This is where CAA comes in. I am probably the only person in the world without a cell phone but luckily the service station had a pay phone from which I could call CAA. So I did but because I didn't have a phone they couldn't give me a five minute warning call so they gave me an hour and a half window. So I sat and sat and sat some more. Finally half an hour after my window I called to see what was up. And wouldn't you know that once I called and was waiting on hold the truck came to change my tire.

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