Monday, February 01, 2010

Where does the time go?

Here it is February and I barely noticed. There has been a lot going on with me and not a lot all at the same time.

On the treatment for my illness side I was hospitalized for about 3 weeks and now I'm just waiting for my outpatient treatments to start. I'm also trying to normalize my life. Things just kind of got out of control, particularly while I was in hospital because I couldn't do anything at home.

I'm trying to reconnect with some people that I haven't seen in what seems like ages, but it's more like the fall. It just seems like everyone is busy this time of year, what with school starting again and job opportunities to apply for.

As for what I'm up to, this week is really a take it easy and watch curling week. Oh and keeping up with Superbowl week.

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