Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Fair Complete

There are probably 3 big events in my hometown that bring in a large amount of people from outside of town, the winter carnival, the bull sale, and the Agricultural Fair.

I have strong ties to each of these events. The carnival was the big finale to our figure skating season. The bull sales was more of an opportunity to socialize with people I had either met on the show road or in school when I was at University. And the fair was really THE must see event in our town. For me it meant 4-H achievement and showing cows for mom and dad.

I don't do much showing anymore, it's kind of a combination of I have my own life now and I don't get out to the farm enough. But I realized this weekend that I kind of missed it.

We took 7 head to the show this year. Which means we had a lot of work to do. Lucky for me dad did most of the prep work while I was in the city during the week but I've been home every weekend for a month to help out.

All in all this year was a pretty forgettable show as far as our results go. I don't begrudge the judge for his placements but I am disappointed that maybe our animals weren't quite ready for the show.

But anyway that's another Fair in the books. I don't know if I'll do it again next year but we'll see what happens.

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