Monday, June 21, 2010

Construction, Construction, Oil Spill, Parking Ticket

Today has been a bad day for me and driving. Luckily no actual injury to the car but some definite frustration.

First of all this morning I decided I'd go to the mall to pick up some casual clothes at Old Navy. I like Old Navy because there stuff is comfortable. I got stuck in a construction zone for almost half an hour. That sucked. Then on the way back even more construction.

Then I had a nice hour and a half break to watch soccer , before I had to drive to the hospital for a treatment. A stretch of my usual path to the hospital was closed due to an oil spill so I had to detour. The traffic was so incredibly heavy on the detour that I was very nearly late for my treatment so I parked in the first available spot with an open meter, paid and ran inside. Sadly this spot was handicapped parking only but I was in such a rush and distraught from the terrible drive I didn't read the sign properly. So now I've got a $150 fine to pay.

So next time I take the bus.

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