Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Election Time

Hello Canadians,

Looks like we're heading for an election. We already know who I'll be voting for, though this time more for lack of better options than actual support for some of the stuff the government has been up to lately.  This post is a plea to those of you who are undecided or have already decided to vote Liberal.

Let me ask you one question, how can you honestly vote for a party who decided to vote against the budget BEFORE the budget was even announced? That's like voting for a 3 year old who doesn't like what you have to say so sticks her fingers in her ears and sings "nah, nah I can't hear you."  At least the NDP took the time to listen to what the government wanted to spend our hard earned tax dollars on before dismissing it.

You hear that people I just supported Jack Layton. Yup rather than being partisan even I have to support those who actually want to provide a government for Canada that actually does something for Canadians, when they can. Kudos to the NDP!

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