Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big meeting today, no sleep last night

Okay no sleep is a little strong I got a solid 4 hours.

Today I have a meeting with senior management at my company which will either result in me getting paid more money, or moving back to Manitoba to move back in with my parents. In the end it just costs way more to live here than I had anticipated and I've been drawing out of my savings and going into debt in order to pay my bills. I have worked really hard at getting better after being off work for 2 years with illness and have been walking a tight rope of living a high enough quality of life to stay health and paying for it.

I'm against this whole occupy Wall Street thing but its hard to understand how a person can have a full time job which is well above minimum wage and still not be able to pay their bills. I should also note that I don't have children or a car, so it's not like I live extravagantly. I do live alone, but shouldn't a full time job allow you to do that?

I don't know maybe I'm spoiled. But I need to pay off my debt and I'm not sure I see another way.

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