Friday, May 08, 2009

Cabin Fever

It seems to me that everytime I ask someone what they're doing this weekend the answer is "going to the cabin". So I started thinking about it a little bit on my way home.

I guess I don't really understand the allure of the cabin. Perhaps this is because until I was 18, I lived less than 10 minutes from a lake. Sure I thought I was pretty but I never had a desire to own a piece of it. Additionally I'm not the most outdoorsy person, so sure the cabin is better than say camping but still, no electricity, no running water. Nope not for me.

Then I thought about it some more and I realized just exactly how far I've come. You see the other people at work who are my age have family cabins, that is cabins that actually belong to their parents. I realize that not all cabins are created equally but I can't help but think that perhaps some of these people come from money and got where they are because mommy and daddy helped them. I had to earn it.

I can't help but think now about the cabin people who came in to my town in the summer and referred to us as "townies"meaning it entirely derogatory, as if somehow we weren't as good as them. But you know what? I think I've just proved that I AM better than them.

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