Monday, August 31, 2009

Another birthday another U.S. Open

Is it sad that I think the best thing about my birthday is that the U.S. Open will always start just shortly after?

It was my birthday on Thursday and I didn't do anything really exciting but today the U.S. Open started. Now that we've switched to Shaw I don't have to miss a single point (well that's not exactly true since they don't televise every game). Not only can I record the games but I can also watch them in HD (provided my brother doesn't want to watch wrestling).

Last night I watched my first football game in HD. It was pretty awesome, even if it was only pre-season.


Bayjb said...

Happy belated birthday!!! Um anything is great in HD but there is something about HD football that is hypnotizing.

JTS said...

Thanks. I'm planning to watch a lot more HD football in the future.