Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My 2009-10 Fantasy Team

There is only one word to describe this year's team and that word is suck. They suck, which I guess means that I suck since my team has yet to win a single match up AND I've got the fewest points in the league.

I do however have a much more clever title for this year's version. Last year I called my team "So Bad" as in "this is going to end so bad". This year I named my team "Off Constantly" which means that whenever someone is talking about when they beat me they end up saying "I beat off constantly". I can't take credit for this brilliance though. I have to give it all to my younger brother since he thought of it first.

I don't even have any bench QBs to be excited with this year. Last year I sort of fell in love with Jay Cutler (even more so now but that's a story for another time).

Instead I get this:

and the incredibly old Kurt Warner.

Have I mentioned that my team sucks?

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