Monday, October 12, 2009

Watching Baseball

I can't believe I watched baseball last night. I hate baseball. To be completely honest I was also watching the Colts game so it was kind of a flip back and forth kind of deal. So what was I doing watching baseball then?

Well see it started because I was out at the farm for the weekend and my dad was watching the game. So I sat down to watch with him until the football game started. That's when I realized it was the Twins vs. the Yankees. Now because I don't like baseball and therefore don't follow it the only player I knew besides Jeter and A-Rod was Joe Mauer of the Twins.

So Lisa if you're still following this one's for you. I've been trying to get you a Joe Mauer bobblehead for the last year but the 2009 versions are terrible so here's a picture instead.

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