Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Adventures in Golf

So we had a family gathering this weekend. Which is fun for about an hour, then the kids start being kids (loud and well loud), you run out of things to say to your aunts and uncles, and you've already asked all your cousins how their jobs, spouses and children are doing. Then you have to
find something else to entertain yourself. In my family's case it involves pulling out a guitar. Which again gets old real quick, especially if you don't know any of the songs.

So when my cousin and brother were going golfing with his girlfriend and they were looking for a 4th, I said I'd do it. I had been golfing very briefly once in school for gym class but that was the extent of my golfing experience. So at first I kind of chickened out and changed my mind but I ended up going anyway.

Because I was sharing my brother's girlfriend's clubs we had to ride together, which was fine. Except she thought it would be funny to make me drive the golf cart, since her parents own a cart so she's driven one several times. As it turns out the best part of golfing is driving that cart around.

I was so bad that I didn't keep score and we played best ball most of the time, between the two of us girls just so it didn't take as long. Yup, golf is NOT the sport for me. But I did manage to outwit the sun this time. 2 hours on course and no sunburn.

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