Monday, October 11, 2010

Trip Planning Take 2

I think I've found myself the perfect travel companion, now I just have to figure out where to go.

I'll address the first part first. So back in April I met these a few people through a chatroom. One of whom you've already heard quite a bit about as our relationship has progressed through friend and more than friend to basically to mere acquaintance status and everything in between. The other I've mentioned briefly here (don't worry I'm sure you'll be hearing more about him in the future as well). As we talk more I feel like we're becoming closer and closer each day. And we've discussed things like places we've always wanted to visit. Turns out we enjoy many of the same things so finding something to do that we would both enjoy is really no problem.

Some of the places we've talked about going are Denver (roughly half the distance between the two of us), Boston, Nova Scotia, and Portland or Seattle. I've already looked into Nova Scotia a bit for myself, as you might remember. And today I took a look at Boston. After reviewing the tourism website, I have to say I want to go even more now.

Now all I have to do is convince my parents that this guy is on the level (which given how they reacted to the previous situation might be difficult) and that it's safe for me to travel with him.

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