Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Need a new car

So I've talked about the move a little bit and that's going to happen. Besides finding a place to live the most important item on my list of things to do (other than go to work and make money) is to buy a new car, since my current car wouldn't even make it to southern Ontario. So I've been pricing things a bit. Oddly enough the Ford Focus, the Chevy Cobalt and the Honda Civic all work out to about the same price so assuming I would get the same financing regardless of what I choose (which I realize isn't exactly realistic because companies offer different financing at different times of the year) I have no idea what to get.

I haven't test driven any of them, so that's the next obvious step. But does anyone have any comments on these vehicles or any advice on other things I should consider? This will be the first car I've bought so it's kind of a big deal.

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KEG said...

Buying a new car is so much fun! Well... the test driving and shopping around is fun... not so much the financing bit. Enjoy!