Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My secret life as a "banger"

We all know that I prefer fiddles to crazy guitar solos, what good country girl doesn't? But the other day my brother was on Facebook using the iLike application and playing the iLike challenge and we came across the weird musical anomaly that is me.

I should start off by saying that I currently have a streak of 683 points on the iLike challenge as a result of them separating it into musical genres. I rock at the country music challenge. But my brother of course being into punk can't stand the country so he was playing the rock genre challenge. I have to say that I was helping him a lot with that one too because it's mostly pop-punk Avril Lavigne type crap. Anyway we came across one where the answer was Godsmack and my brother gives me this look that's like "How did you know that?". Of course my initial response is that I'm Shaboobala's protege, because Shaboobala knows all. Anyway I really don't know why I knew that as I don't actually listen to Godsmack so I'm thinking that maybe I'm listening to hard rock and metal in my sleep.

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