Monday, April 27, 2009

And once again I'm late to the party

So I watch a lot of television but sometimes I get so wrapped up in sports that I don't actually watch a lot of the good dramas and comedies that are out there. But then there are the down times when there isn't really much on TV and I don't really want to get out and experience the world so I lock myself down with my computer and just watch stuff.

Last year it was the first 3 seasons of Bones which came highly recommended. Then Greek which has just started airing new episodes again.

And now I've gotten into watching Kings. Which I have recently discovered as been all but cancelled. There are supposed to be new episodes starting up in June but who knows how long that'll last.

Anyway I had seen the trailers for the show and had wanted to watch it when it was on TV but I just kind of missed it and since they only showed 6 episodes it wasn't real easy to just pick up. But at the end of every episode I watch I actually end up saying "what a good show". I hope it does better this summer and that NBC picks it up for another season.

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