Friday, March 05, 2010

Handbags for all

I've needed a new purse for a while now. I broke the last one by shoving 3 pairs of shoes in it and then attempting to close the zipper. Oops. I went back to using an old one that I don't really like and isn't' exactly wintery. So I've been on the look out for a new one.

Here's the thing though, I'm sick of buying cheap purses only to have them break on me. Granted the last one was totally my fault but still. So I'm looking at Guess purses, I found one that I really like but I just can't wrap my head around spending that kind of money. So right now I'm in a holding pattern. I want it but I'm going to wait it out and see if it's just an impulse thing or if I still want it in a week.

Is there anything that you want but haven't bought yet because it's too expensive?


KEG said...

Guess purses are nice, I own lots and lots of them. But, they can break just as easily as a cheap one. Sure they usually last a bit longer, but I've had a couple give out from use. Sears in Polo sells some cheaper than the Guess store. Have you checked on Kijiji?

JTS said...

I'm buying from Shoe Warehouse (I have connections there). Never thought about Kijiji.