Monday, March 29, 2010

Wikipedia is the greatest invention ever

In a world in which we are constantly stimulated visually, audibly and even olfactorilly (after much discussion of what we should call nasal stimulation this is what we came up with), sometimes I get bored. It's at these times that I turn to Wikipedia to learn random stuff.

Here's the great thing about Wikipedia, you can start with one topic and end up somewhere completely different. I don't usually go with the random article button. Usually I have something that I want to start off with and just follow links from within the article to other articles.

Sometimes the connections that are made from where you started to where you end up are truly amazing and sometimes even a little bit horrifying. You can get off topic pretty quickly but you might be surprised at what you might learn.

So is this something that you do? Or am I just some kind of weirdo? Wait don't answer that last part.

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