Saturday, March 27, 2010

Your NCAA basketball update

Just in case you were wondering why you haven't gotten any bracket updates this year it's because both my hotness bracket and my actual bracket were horribly busted after the first weekend.

Last night's Duke-Purdue game pit my two current college basketball boyfriends and seniors, Jon Scheyer and Chris Kramer against each other. Why do I have two college basketball boyfreinds? Mostly because I couldn't decide between the two. Duke won and so that's the end of Chris Kramer's college career. Poor Chris Kramer, but if he's in need of some comfort I'm available.

As for the teams that are left. I'd like to see Duke win if only so that I can continue to see Jon Scheyer. Butler because thier mascot is a bulldog and come on they are adorable, also because Gordon Hayward is the leading candidate to become next year's basketball boyfriend he's also adorable. Michigan State because I just prefer that they win than Tennesee. And I could really care less who wins between Kentucky and West Virginia although the Mountaineers have provided some entertainment this week with thier twitter videos which I found while incredibly bored yesterday.

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