Sunday, September 19, 2010


For the first time pretty much ever I'm going to have to learn to stay within a budget.

Here's the deal, I'm still off work so I'm living on insurance money. This generally covers my basic costs of living - rent, hydro, heat, ect. My work place actually has pretty good benefits so it also leaves me with a little extra once all the bills are paid. But in the time that I've been off work I haven't really changed my lifestyle all that much, I still go to Starbucks, I still eat out regularly and I've still added to my already large wardrobe.

So now comes the budgeting part. Chiropractic school is going to set me back about $80,000 for tuition alone. Now I can manage to live on the cheap while I'm going to school. I did it when I was an undergrad I can do it again, but I do need to save up so that I don't have such massive loans when I'm done. The things about Chiropractic school is that my parents aren't 100% supportive. Yes they love me unconditionally, but they aren't convinced that this is what's going to make me happy. So I'm on my own financially if this is something I want to pursue.

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