Monday, December 01, 2008

The fight for power

Anyone remember that election we had in Mid-October? Perhaps you were still in a turkey coma and didn't notice it happened. But it was before the American election. Clearly the Liberals, NDP and Bloc missed it because they're trying to form a government.

I've taken some Canadian history so I know that technically the Governor General can ask the official opposition to form government if the sitting government is defeated. I also know that the opposition parties didn't like that the Conservatives weren't spending like there's no tomorrow to stave of recession. I also took some economics in my time at university so I know that Keynesian economics says that it's okay to go into deficit in hard times in order to "prime the pump" as it were. As long as that debt is paid back in good times. And yet I see that we still have a national debt so someone must have missed the pay it back part of the lesson.

I have to say that I find what the Liberals and NDP are trying to do just a little bit offensive to the voters of Canada. Less that 2 months ago we went out and told you that we didn't want them governing and yet here they are trying to govern. I realize that elections cost people money. But if they wanted to form a coalition government perhaps they should have run in the election as a coalition. They certainly won't be running in the next one together.

What gets me the most is the absolute glee in the voices and faces of the people I work with. I generally accept that we have political differences. But this is despicable. I also believe that if it were my party doing this sort of thing I would be appalled. I get that the Conservative Party of Canada was formed by a coalition but it ran as a coalition and it won as a coalition. And even though I could have cared less at the time I'm kind of proud of that fact now.

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