Monday, December 01, 2008

Only on MY fantasy team

This was another terrible fantasy week for me. Well actually it wasn't completly awful just that the other team was way better. Actually if only I had played Eddie Royal and Donald Driver I would be very very close. But I didn't so I lost by over 35 points, 36.5 points to be exact. Terrible.

Even worse is when you look to finalize on Saturday night and find out one of your top recievers (and yes this explains why I lose by over 35 points) has shot HIMSELF in the leg. Makes me want to look up the Wonderlic score for Plaxico Burress. Can you have a negative Wonderlic score? Well if you can I'm sure he did. FRICK!

Also for the next 4 Weeks since that's all I've got left of my fantasy season I will be posting my fantasy player of the week, the player with the highest point total that week as of Tuesday morning. This will include bench players. So far it's Jay Cutler but I still have a couple of guys playing tonight.

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