Sunday, December 21, 2008

So Christmas Wishes Do Come True

Last week I decided that it would be excellent if we had a Broncos/Chargers AFC West Championship game to end the regular season. Of course that was dependant on a couple of things. The Broncos had to lose this week to Buffalo (which the did) and the Chargers had to beat Tampa Bay (which they did).

I can't really lie I was hoping that the Broncos would clinch a playoff spot. Even if they're terrible I like to watch them play. Okay that's not really true it's all about Jay Cutler. But really this game was going to happen whether it was for a championship or not so the fact that it means something is even batter.

Oh and while I'm on the topic of football, I lost in the first round of the playoff in fantasy so I'm out of the money but I'm in a 3rd place match up this week. Not that it means anything. Much like Saints beat down of the Lions (not that it was unexpected).

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JTS said...

And no more Cutler pouty faces for a year.