Tuesday, March 31, 2009

At least things can't get any better...

Oh what a week, and it's only Tuesday. It all started on Saturday when my laptop decided to go on the fritz. It would insist that it wasn't plugged in even when it was. If you wiggled the cord a little the light would come on and all would be well, until you bumped it again. So I decided to take it in to have it looked at.

The computer place informed me that the company that makes my laptop is no longer in business and that they didn't have the part and weren't sure if they could get it. I only bought my laptop about 8 months ago so it's still technically under warranty but if the company doesn't exist well who knows.

Then today I left home with my purse but apparently no wallet. Thankfully I played good Samaritan yesterday and lent a co-worker some money which he paid back today so at least I can eat.

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JTS said...

And today I forgot the electronic pass I need to get into work.