Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Purse Store May Cause Brokeness

So there is a new store near my work. There are actually a lot of random indie clothing stores and stuff near where I work. Which is kind of cool. But they've opened a purse store about half a block away. Now normally I'm not exactly a girly girl kind of girl but every once in a while I like to pamper myself a bit. So today I bought myself a new purse. Frankly there are about 5 others there that I also liked.

So yeah I can see this ending badly. Although KEG has said that now we can't go back until at least April. It's 2 weeks into March so that's not so bad. Let's just hope I can stick to it.

1 comment:

KEG said...

We can't go back till May! MAY! Although I have a lead on a green purse...