Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm boring

So I had set up some goals for the month of February . Let's see how far I got.

Finish reading Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon. I'm currently on page 135 of 1070. I'm probably about half way through now. I actually lost my book for a while so I couldn't read it and I also read another book in between. Haven't really been in a reading mood lately to tell you the truth.

Finish watching Season 4 of Weeds. Done and Done. I finished this, caught up on The Tudors and have started watching Big Love. Yeah I'm weird and clearly have a lot of time on my hands.

Research and determine 3 grad schools to apply for. This one amuses me since I'm almost ready to give up on grad school. Taking the monetary hit, plus the whole fear of not finding a job when I'm done. But we'll see what happens. It depends how the next couple of weeks go I guess.

Set a tentative date for the GRE. This one goes right along with the last one.

Watch some college hoops. Done. I watched the Duke-UNC game a couple of weeks ago, the Texas-Oklahoma game and one other Duke game this past weekend. Other than that I've spent a lot of time watching curling.

Finish sewing the dress I started last year. I've thought about this a couple of times but I never did pull it out to finish it.

Buy and elliptical machine or a bike. I'm now waiting until I move to do this one. No point in buying something just to move it 2 weeks later.

So that's how I did for February. I'm planning to go back to the regular goal of the week, for March. So we'll see how that goes.


KEG said...

Did you like season 4? I thought it was the worst season to date. When does Greek start up again?

JTS said...

No, Season 4 was crap. Once the town burned down that was it. Actually Season 3 wasn't that good either.

Greek starts at the end of March, I think.