Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's fast approaching

Alright it's been 6 days since I had my wisdom teeth out and while I'm still in a little bit of pain it's much better today.

Now I have to go about all of my business to get ready for the big move and my new job. I know I haven't talked about this much yet so here's the whole story.

As you know I've been off work for quite some time with illness. While I was away apparently there were some scary times at my workplace and there was a whole departmental restructuring. In some ways I'm glad that I missed all of that, but at the same time I got lost in the shuffle. I was terminated. End of story there. They say it wasn't due to performance but come on I hadn't been there in over a year so while I was a good employee they just decided they didn't need me.

Anyways I started to feel better my doctor and I discussed going back to work somewhere else, so I started looking for something. I found a position that I really wanted and I applied. I had no idea that I would even get an interview since I wasn't the ideal candidate but I guess I was good enough. I had a phone interview the day before I found out I had lost my job. And then within an hour of my meeting with my former employer I got a call asking if I would come out for an interview.

So I flew out 3 days later, they offered me the job and here I am packing and preparing for a new career. I start in 3 weeks! Which means I have to say goodbye to all of my Winnipeg friends before I go. I've already started the process a little bit, had a few farewell lunches and what not. But over the next 2 weeks I'm going to have a bunch of them. I'll try to see as many as I can when I'm back for holidays and to see my folks. But there won't be much time for that for a while.

Wish me luck!


JV said...

Oh wow! That is so exciting and lucky! Where are you moving, if I may ask?

Good luck with the move and the new job.

I'm going to follow your blog and not just visit sporadically. Feel free to do the same with me since you are one of my only commenters!

JTS said...

Moving to Guelph, Ontario.