Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dream Diary Episode 1

I’ve often wondered where dreams come from. One of my friends once hypothesised that dreams were really a collection of things that you subconsciously thought about throughout the day but didn’t have time to actually deal with.

Occasionally I’ll have dreams about people that I haven’t seen in years or places that I’ve never been but more often they are about people and environments which I deal with everyday. So I’m really not surprised when I dream about co-workers.

I am surprised (and worried) that I’m having recurring dreams about the same co-worker. Typically this dream occurs sometime between 5:30 and 6:15. So it’s likely (and hopefully) just that I’m thinking about having to go to work in the next hour or so and that works itself into my dream.

If dreams were really a reflection of what I’m thinking about during the day then my dreams should probably be focused on Tyler Hansbrough. However I have avoided that one so far.

Edit: I've now posted more entries in the month of March than I did all of 2007.

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