Friday, February 19, 2010

Yeah, I don't miss that

I have obviously been watching a lot of Olympic coverage, since it's on all the time. And I love it I do but the last couple of days I've been watching figure skating.

For the men's short and free skate I joined the women of Ladies... for a live blog. It was a good time even though I think that Plushenko should have won (and Elvis agrees with me ). I mean how do you not even try to go higher, faster, stronger at the Olympics. Maybe it's just more figure skating is not a sport fodder to think about.

Anyway today the compulsory dance is on tap. I figured skated for 8 years and frankly I hated the days when we did dance. I just thought it was so boring. I have to admit though that watching it at this level is amazing. It's just so pretty to watch. Dance is clearly not the most exciting of figure skating competitions. I mean the first part is everyone doing the same dance, but it does get slightly more exciting after that I promise. I don't expect any spectacular falls in this event though.

So do you have any thoughts on figure skating? Sport? Non-sport? Quad or No Quad?

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