Monday, May 24, 2010

I just got PWN'D

So remember that awesome board game I was telling you about ? Well my younger brother just kicked my ass! So badly that we didn't even finish.

His starting line was a 63 power ranking, you get a extra goal to start with for every power point over 52 so he had a automatic starting 11 goals. I had zero goals to start, so there was no way I could win a match. Even if I scored the maximum 3 goals per period I still would have lost by 2 goals.

Here's what his starting line up card looked like:

The 10s mean the power ranking, the card under the top middle card is the Hart Trophy for MVP. And the yellow chip is a long term contract chip meaning that I wouldn't be able to steal that player in Free Agency. Not that I had any money to do it anyway.
Oh well better luck next time I guess.

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