Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm sorry about the lack of blogging I've been otherwise occupied as of late. Well that's not exactly true I've been around the internets I've just been trying to sort some stuff out. As you know I'm extremely cerebral so I spend a lot of time trying to sort things out in my head before I get to the point of discussing them with anyone.

But lately I've been really bored and kind of lonely, not in a sexual sense but just in a lack of attention kind of way so I've found myself trying something I hadn't done in a really long time. I turned to the chatrooms of the internet. First of all with all this new social media to people still use chatrooms? Apparently yes, although also apparently for more sexual endeavors than for meeting new people. But I have managed to find a few new people to fill my time.

But let me tell you a story about one of the people I met. I've managed to find myself an internet stalker. Now this is probably mostly my fault but I guess I just didn't expect things to get out of hand so quickly. Things started off innocently enough, just getting all the typical details, age, location, occupation, level of education stuff like that. He seemed like an alright guy and since I don't photograph well I didn't have any current pictures to share so when he asked if he could see me I decided to turn on my webcam. Again totally innocent nothing more than a head shot and he told me he thought I was beautiful, and who doesn't love hearing how attractive they are? But towards the end of that first conversation I should have realized things were a little off when he told me he'd miss me. I, of course replied that he couldn't miss me because he had just met me.

Over the next 2 weeks we briefly chatted almost every day, again very general hey how are you, what did you do today kind of stuff. But then one day he asked me if I was looking for a boyfriend and I said I wasn't actively looking. Then I asked him the same question and he told me he had a girlfriend, to which I was confused because well as of two weeks before he had said he was single. So I inquired further, which made me even more confused. So I decided to drop the subject and move onto something else. So as a joke I asked him if he ever talked about me to his friends and he said yes. So then the follow up was of course what do you say about me. His answer was that he said he had a girlfriend, he was talking about me!

And that freaked me out. I had known this guy for like 3 weeks maybe and he was telling people I was his girlfriend. So at this point I really didn't know if I should just block him so that he wouldn't be able to talk to me anymore or stick it out and see if things returned to somewhat normal. I haven't really talked to him since but he's left me some messages to tell me he misses talking to me. So maybe things could return to normal. I haven't blocked him yet but I'm not above doing it either if things continue to be creepy.

For now I'm managed to not give away too much personal information and he is half a continent away so I think I'm fairly safe, but you just never kn0w what kind of creeps you're going to meet.

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