Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Awkward Lunches and Other Breaktime Conversation

On Friday I had the strangest conversation with one of my co-workers at lunch. Everyone else that we normally sit with went out for lunch or took the day off (why didn't I think of that). Anyway, have you ever seen that episode of Clone High where Abe runs against JFK for class president? No okay well here's the clip. It's around the 5:21 mark right at the end of the clip, where JFK is going over his workout routine.

That's what eating lunch with this particular co-worker is like. I find it both amusing and annoying. We also discussed how he probably had to switch gyms because they didn't have heavy enough weights.

Okay now on to the next story. Have you ever known someone who brings out the absolute worst in you? No, okay then maybe it's just me. There is a co-worker of mine who just makes me want to say the meanest things everytime she opens her mouth. To this point I have been able to exercises some sort of tact, I think. But the more I'm around her the more difficult it gets. Like today she was describing what she did on the long weekend and how she tried to do all of the things that she did when she was a teenager (which wasn't all that long ago). I was really tempted to blurt out "like your first pregnancy scare". Like I said not a nice thing to say I know, that's why I didn't say it.
Should I be writing this in a blog? Maybe not but somehow I think the journal just won't cut it for this kind of anger. She's never actually done anything to make me feel this way it's just a general attitude that she has. Am I a horrible person?

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