Friday, May 23, 2008

On my irrational hatred of people

I've always had a dream of living alone in a small cabin out in the middle of a field somewhere. I have had this dream since I was a little girl and despite my loneliness after my roommate/brother moved out of my apartment I still believe that this is a good idea.

Perhaps it is my eternal pessimism that creates my irrational hatred of people. The belief that people are unable to change or adapt. Sure science and evolution will tell me the opposite and in fact my anthropologist friend will likely tell me that evidence of such exists but this is one of those times that empirical fact simply won't sway me.

I suspect that one of my issues is close proximity to people at all times with the exception of being at home. At work we work in tiny cubicles, have conversations during accidental meetings in the washroom and eat lunch with co-workers to avoid being labelled as anti-social (okay perhaps that last one is just me). Going to and from work I usually take the bus which of course is crowded with people. Occasionally I choose to walk home which you would think would be generally a pretty solitary event. However you are faced with other people who you met or pass and still have to be somewhat social.

I suppose living along has become much easier in our age of technology. In fact there are people that I consider "friends" on the other side of the world, even though I've never technically met them. One can still interact with other people without ever leaving the comfort of their own home or having someone else invade your private space.

Yes there are alot of problems with my single-living anti-social plan. For example, where would I get my food? I'm not about to turn vegan and yet I couldn't bring myself to actually slaughter and animal. So I would obviously have to buy groceries which would of course lead to human interaction. But if I could reduce actual face to face interaction to one day a week, I think that would be alright.

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