Monday, May 26, 2008

Dream Diary: Episode 2

I don't have dreams very often and I remember them even less frequently However last night I had 2 really messed up dreams. The first one was really weird and makes no sense. The second one makes even less sense from a logical standpoint.

The first one started off kind of strange I was standing outside of a church but like on a balcony/fire escape sort of thing and there was some sort of soccer match sort of thing between Poland and Ireland. Because of course these are two countries that are known for their soccer prowess. Actually maybe they are I don't know. I don't actually do soccer. Though I suppose that is comes from having watched the Man U - Chelsea match last week. Yes, I'm aware I'm insane and that I don't actually like soccer. And a semi-riot broke out. Anyway so I dropped a hymn book from the top of this fire escape and some of the pages broke out. You know like when you open a book with really old glue binding and that pages fall out? Did this have any significance to the rest of the dream? not that I can tell but it's something I remember. Anyway so then suddenly I'm doing something slightly illegal, I couldn't tell you what exactly. It was some sort of theft or espionage or something. Now let me start by saying that I would never do anything illegal or sneaky as I would most definitely be afraid of getting caught and for some people that's a rush, for me it's so much anxiety that I couldn't go through with it. Anyway I know I was being helped in my illegal pursuit by some sort of really hot maintenance workers, a construction worker or something like that I don't believe that those details were particularly clear in the dream just that he was all muscle-y and sweaty and hot. Anyway at one point he was helping me with my illicit activity and then we were having a serious sit down conversation about how he couldn't help me anymore but had justified helping be because he saw me outside of that church (the one from the beginning) and thought I was all innocent.

The second one was kind of Chronicles of Narnia in that it involved another world on the other side of a closet. I guess it's not all that far fetched but it on the other side of the closet there were 2 bulls that I wasn't supposed to let get onto the other side of the closet (into the real world). One of them did get into a sub-closet type thing where there was the actual closet, but covering the opening to the actual closet was tarped off. Then my alarm went off so I have no idea what would have happened.

As you can see there is no natural order to these dreams at all and in fact they are ridiculous. I remember details that seem to have absolutely nothing to do with anything. Someday I'd like to submit these things to someone who actually knows something about dreams. Until then I'll continue to keep you updated on the random crap that comes out of my sub-conscious.

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