Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sucks in the City

I’m conflicted. I don’t think this should be a surprise to anyone. Hell I’m probably conflicted 80 percent of the time. This particular instance of conflict however is about a certain television show that is opening as a movie soon. I had never seen Sex and the City until I moved into residence. One of the girls who I had considered at the time had purchased or rented or borrowed a copy of the complete first season and I watched a few episodes of the show with her.

I didn’t really think about it much until my last year of university (outside of watching a few more episodes on TBS), when I downloaded the complete series one day when I was bored. I guess I finally caved into peer pressure on that one because when it really comes down to it I don’t really like the show all that much.

First of all, who the hell talks like that? Call me a prude if you want but those are not the kind of conversations I have with my girlfriends. As far as I’m concerned its none of anyone’s business what goes on in the privacy of my bedroom or wherever such relations may occur. Secondly I never found the show funny it was pointed out to me the other day in another blog that I read that the writing in the show revolves around puns and cliché, neither of which are high on my comedy list.

The thing is I find that I end up watching it anyway. Mostly because there just isn’t anything on TV. But that’s probably a topic for a different blog entry. So therein lies my conflict, as much as I outwardly say that I dislike the show and yet I watch it at least once a week so I can’t possibly hate it THAT much.

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