Monday, September 22, 2008

The Cat Came Back... or Not

When I got sick at the end of my 2nd year of university my parents offered to get me a puppy. Not being much of a dog person I opted for a somewhat smilar though less slobbery option and got a kitten. I loved my cat. Sure we didn't know right away if it was a boy or girl (the owner told us it was a girl and we never bothered to check until it started growing boy parts), but it was mine. Thank god I chose a unisex name.

I had my kitten with me in my apartment for almost a year before we moved out. He even had his own room in the apartment, though he much prefered to cuddle up on me. My favorite apartment/cat story was when my brother left his Chem textbook open on the sofa overnight and we woke up to find it scattered all over the living room floor. At least it was a second hand textbook.

When I moved out of the apartment back into residence for my last year of University my cat went to live with my parents on the farm. They weren't big fans of a cat in the house so they let him outside whenever he wanted. He became an outdoor/indoor cat. He still liked to cuddle with me when I was home watching TV, but no one else seemed to like him much.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because my cat is missing. Apparently there was a big thunderstorm back home about 2 weeks ago and he's been missing ever since. I hope that he's just lost but it's much more likely that he's dead. Especially since my parents have talked to all of the neighbours and no one has seen him. Poor kitty. I'll miss you.

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