Monday, September 15, 2008

God my fantasy team sucks

Gah! Last week my team absolutely killed. This week they all stunk. Actually I can't say that exactly as I'm starting the Dallas defence and they don't play until tonight. Put mostly my team was a steaming pile of stink.

I haven't actually looked at the fantasy points today either (the free live tracking ended after week one), but I can only imagine given that stats that I've seen so far for my players that I lost miserably in this week's match up.

Right at the top of my list of players who are making me rather grumpy is Braylon Edwards. Yes I now I did fairly well to get him in the first place but given that our teams are all stacked he's got to actually perform in order for me to do well. Okay so 32 yards is not terrible. It's almost double what he had in the last game but I'm still less than impressed.

This however, I am rather impressed with:

Oh and on a final note, the Colts just barely squeaked out a win yesterday. This whole season is looking kind of shaky.

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