Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm kind of worried about myself

I think you're all fully aware that I am playing fantasy football against a bunch of guys that I work with. If you're not aware of this fact then I probably haven't talked to you in the past month. Also as you know I've abandoned Drew Brees (who I love) for Jay Cutler as my starting QB.

Ever since I posted that McDonald's commercial I've found myself with a growing crush on Jay Cutler. It doesn't hurt that he's putting up ridiculous numbers and winning me fantasy match-ups. Also we have a mutual dislike of Phillip Rivers. I don't know the whole Rivers/Cutler history but Phillip Rivers is a douchebag. Actually my dislike of Phillip Rivers probably stems from this exact incident involving Jay Cutler:

Other Jay Cutler randomness that only makes him cuter in my very messed up mind. He's 6'3, I have this thing about height since my younger brother is 6'3. He's from Santa Clause, Indiana. He's got Type I diabetes. He played his college football at Vanderbilt which is not exactly known as a football school.

But he's not exactly cute. Case in point this is the best picture I could find of him:

But only liking a person because they are cute is shallow right? So you should all be encouraging this then.

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