Monday, June 02, 2008

Money Saving tips from Janalee

So now that I have a little bit of money I've been reading a lot of personal finance articles on the web, trying to figure out the best way to turn a little bit of money into a lot bit of money. It seems that the "in vogue" topic these days is how to save money on groceries. See here or here or here .

Normally I drop $125 easily on groceries every two weeks, which is funny because I don't eat breakfast and I buy lunch. So maybe I eat too much (which I probably do), or maybe it's just that meat is freaking expensive. I do manage to save on the beef but 4 chicken breasts will run you about $15. Anyway, today I went to the store and cut my bill down to $75. So how did I do it? The secret is to go when you are so sick that you don't feel like moving at all. Trust me when you're on the verge of losing your lunch not a single thing in the store looks appealing. Thus you don't want to buy junk food which costs an arm and a leg (and a healthy heart).

Okay that's horrible advice but hey it works. The other option is to determine exactly what you intend to cook each night and buy only the ingredients you need for those meals. Again this cuts down on the unnecessary junk food. It's also a fantastic way to clean out your cupboards. I've probably got enough canned/dry food in my apartment to eat for 2 months.

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