Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Did I just eat birthday cake for dinner and other random thoughts

The answer the the birthday cake query is YES! It's left over from the family thing and it's been sitting in my fridge for 2 days already. I was trying to hold out until my actual birthday tomorrow but it was calling to me.

Moving right along, I've downgraded (or upgraded perhaps) my most recent office crush to office hotness. You see old office hotness left us a couple of weeks ago for some other job and I hadn't replaced him. Also I think I've found a way to define office crush vs. office hotness. I think that an office crush would be someone who I could actually picture dating, whereas office hotness is someone who is incredibly attractive but I don't think I could actually talk to without turning to mush. Except to apologize for almost running into them coming around a corner, which actually happened.

I had a meeting with someone from the HR department at work. Sounds like there may be some things opening up so we'll see. I've also been doing further grad school research. I've settled on U of M (Minnesota) or U of M (Manitoba) with one other target school yet to be decided.

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