Thursday, August 14, 2008

I take it back

Yesterday I was talking about the Men's gymnastics competition and a certain German Gymnast who I discovered will not be 21 until October, which makes him just a little too young for me. This fact didn't stop me from staying up until almost 1 am to watch the men's all-around final though.

In case you weren't crazy enough to stay up to watch it Yang Wei of China won the gold medal. He was 2.6 points ahead of the silver medalist. The Canadians finished 15th and 17th which is pretty awesome given that it's the first time since 1992 that a Canadian has even been in the Men's all-around final. Hambuechen fell off the high bar which is apparently his best event even though both times that I've seen him on it at these Olympics he has fallen off the bar. But again he's cute so I'll look past it, though it does make me wonder about my power of jinx .

Oh yeah and since I'm on the subject of Olympics still no medals for Canada.

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