Sunday, August 03, 2008

Taking my blog show on the road

So I'm on vacation this week. A much deserved one if I do say so myself. I was starting to feel just a little worn out. The first part of my vacation is being spent in the U.S. doing a little (and by that I mean a lot) of shopping with my brother.

The Border was just absolutely insane. Note to self: don't go to the States on a long weekend. We left pretty early in the morning, or at least early for 2 people who are supposed to be on vacation anyway. We hit the border around 9am. I can't imagine what it's going to be like coming back. I'm seriously considering staying an extra night just to avoid the traffic.

Anyway I'm already within $10 of my $400 duty-free dollars after one day.I did buy a fantastic pair of cowboy boots yesterday. Today we're hitting Albertville Outlets. I suspect it will be full of people and that more money will be spent.

I may not be posting much this week due to the vacation schedule of sleep until noon, in bed by ten. Gotta recharge that battery after all.

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