Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It must be some kind of illness

Who doesn't need a new office crush? That would be me. And yet a new one is developing. Not good. You would think after a while I would run out of people to have crushes on but apparently not. It's just a good thing I don't have to see him all the time because I always act a little bit silly around my crushes, especially in the beginning stages.

Back to my new Olympic crush on Fabian Hambuechen, besides being too young (21 in October) and too short (5'5) for me is also kind of pouty. I got up early this morning to watch the High Bar final in which he was the top qualifier. He was the first to compete and from the time he got off the bar he didn't look too happy. Kind of like in this picture which I borrowed from what could possibly be my new favorite blog (even though it is on hold at the moment), but with more pout.

Anyway he didn't fall off the bar this time so that's a good thing. He also ended up with the bronze medal so that's not so bad given his other 4th place finishes so far.

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