Monday, August 25, 2008

A sportsless weekend

Yes I realize that this was the last weekend of the Olympics and I probably should have been watching them but this weekend was reserved strictly for family stuff.

We didn't have a family Christmas last year because my cousin just had her baby and of course everyone has a bunch of family get togethers right around that time so we've replaced it with a summer get together. Surprisingly it was kind of fun. My family has never been particularly close given that some of my cousins lived far away and there is a pretty huge age gap in the cousins (20 years between the oldest and the youngest).

Anyway it was pretty cold and wet all weekend, except Sunday morning. We spent most of the time in my Aunt's house or on her patio, so by the end of the weekend I'd vowed never to have children. Speaking of vows my aunt just got married a couple of weeks ago so they did a wedding re-enactment for us because we couldn't be there. Not that it's her first wedding or anything.

We also did a family history version of the Amazing Race, which just proved what I already knew that my family is a bunch of liars, cheaters and a witch. Actually the witch part is my great-grandmother on my Grandpa's side and she wasn't exactly a witch but she did the herbs and potions thing. We also did a family history quiz, it was pretty bad.

But all in all a good time and they're already planning for next year.

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