Thursday, April 22, 2010

Add me to the list...

of Sidney Crosby fangirls. I've tried to resist, I really have. But I can't deny that he's a hell of a hockey player. And I realized while watching a Tim Horton's commercial just how kissable his lips are. Normally I watch that commercial and say "oh that Crosby/Tim's commercial is on, but the last time I saw it I could stop staring at his lips thinking about of soft and lovely they looked. He's got sort of a natural pout. And ya'll know how I love a pouter (see my obsession with Jay Cutler). Sure he's a little on the young side. And I'm sure his girlfriend is absolutely stunning but none of that matters. It's not like I plan to marry him (again I'm reserving that for Jay Cutler).
Does this post make me sound as pathetic as I think it does? Yeah, alright I'll just have to learn to deal with it. So what are your thoughts on Sidney Crosby?

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