Sunday, April 11, 2010

I may never buy another book again

I love to read. But I never understood why my brother would read e-books that he downloaded from the internet. Until today.

See a couple of weeks ago he bought an e-book reader. It cost a lot of money and he doesn't really read much anyway but today he let me borrow it and I've got to say it's growing on me. I have 3 book shelves full of books in my apartment and everytime I move I have to haul these books around with me. But the process would be so much more simplified if all I had to do was pack up a couple of flashdrives or an external hard drive.

So I may have to go out and buy myself one of these e-book readers. Is there any new technology out there that you want to try? The i-pad for example.


KEG said...

I also really want a reader. What one are you looking at? My mom has the Sony one and loves it.

JTS said...

My brother bought an Astak. He said it was because it reads .lit files which the Sony one doesn't. I'm not sure how serious I am about buying one right now I might just keep stealing/borrowing his until he moves.